Back in August, when we weren’t soaking up the sun in St Ives, hours were spent around the table in our little Cornish cottage colouring with these two monkeys. Some amazing artwork was created let me tell you, and then and there B and I decided that a piece by our beautiful nephews was a must for the nursery. Of course there needed to be a bit of planning involved, otherwise it would turn out as a Transformer shooting fire out of a laser (see Ty's picture currently stuck on our fridge). So thanks to an article in an old issue of Frankie (cheers again Bianca) we were inspired to come up with a collage of sorts.

Flip to this afternoon and chaos with the colouring pencils had broken out. We all had so much fun. Those boys are imaginative and hilarious. What a lucky baby ours is to have such cousins. I reckon they’ll all be pretty good buddies.


  1. Lucky bubba indeed. Hope you guys had a fab weekend. xx

  2. St.Ives and Cornwall. I have day dreams of taking a year out in such a cottage, doing art/ceramics, maybe working part time somewhere, living simply. Seems like just the spot fror it. Meanwhile, lucky baby!!