Some weeks are full of good things and some full of bad (well, a bit poo at least). This week was a mixed bag.

Bad things this week:
  • Our four month old washing machine broke.
  • The engineer isn't calling me until Monday to book a time to come look at it, so who knows when it will be fixed.
  • The washing basket lid no longer fits, it's bulging that much.
  • My lovely work colleague who was unselfishly giving me lifts home from work, and saving me a second half hour trek a day, has been off ill all week and I actually pulled my leg muscles from all the walking.
  • On Tuesday I slipped on a paving slab in the rain and pulled my back horribly. Rain sucks.
Good things this week (because it's always better to end on a positive note):
  • My Mum has a washing machine and is a part-time launderette in her spare time. For my sister mostly, but now also for us. Thanks Mum!
  • No washing = no ironing. Always a silver lining, right
  • The Baby's library is starting to grow, with the addition of this book.
  • Our local junk shop is a treasure trove complete with chest of drawers for the nursery (£5) and Ercol dining chairs (£4 each.)
  • Tomorrow we head to the circus with those little nephews of ours. They should feel quite at home with some crazy clowns.
  • Our eBay score of the month (an Ergo baby carrier, used once, bought for the grand sum of £50) arrived yesterday. B pranced about (no joke) with it on for ages. And then we got all sentimental about when the time comes that our little one is snoozing in there.
  • The Belly continues to grow and kick and bring plenty of smiles.
And that's all we need really. That makes it a good week.


  1. You poor thing slipping over! Be careful & take it easy! Love your bargain shopping, Babar is an old favourite of mine.

  2. Oh Nell, I feel ya! This week had some high highs and some low lows for me as well. Hope your machine is fixed soon. xx

  3. Oh sweetie, you take good care of yourself. Remember - slowly, slowly. You're carrying a little bubba in there and he wants you to slow down, take your time, don't rush.


  4. Hey Nell. Ta for your lovely comments on my blog. Your living in Bath was one of the first things that attracted me to your blog - so cool when like you say, so many bloggers are on the opposite side of the world! Hope your back is better soon. Poor you. We've just bought a gorgeous poster of Babar in Hot Air Balloons from the art shop on Widcombe Parade. They have some amazing original Babar illustrations there too. And amazing find with the Ercol chairs - I need to hunt down this junk shop! Rest up. Amy x

  5. Oh Nell, I'm so sorry to hear about all the bad sides to your week. Especially the slipping - that's nasty and more so with a bubba inside your belly. I hope your sore little body feels better next week! Bises xx

  6. ps: I'm looking forward to bump day tomorrow! Seeing your belly grow also brings me plenty of smiles :)

  7. Hope those goods are outweighing those bads and that you are resting those muscles and your back! :)

  8. you'll love the ergo. the lady who made them lived on maui and the first ones were sewn out of her vw bus. x.

  9. Oh Nell, I hope you are ok... a fall is not good :( You take care...

    ...but at least there's more good points than bad! x

  10. Oh crap. I hope you're feeling much better Nell-belle. Take care of yourself and your precious belly. xx Ps HAve passed my love of Babar books onto Oli. The handwriting, the illustrations, the stories. All amazing.

  11. The paving stones in Bath are treacherous in the rain. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself and your little bump face x

  12. Oh and what junk shop is this?! It sounds great! I'm in Bath at the weekend, I'll have to check it out! :) x