Some treats from the garden yesterday with which B rustled up the tastiest veggie couscous. Followed by an apple and strawberry crumble, with the perfect fruit/crumble ratio. The boy rocks that dessert, that's for sure. And a pretty flower he picked for me while he was out gathering the crops.

Hot pudding and custard seems to signal the arrival of Autumn already and I've got to say I'm pleased to see it . Summer was, once again, a total non-starter so at least now we won't be disappointed with rainy days and colder weather - they'll be expected. Plus it's my favourite season.

ps. Happy birthday beautiful Emma. We love you lots and can't wait to see you tomorrow xx


  1. beautiful. what a good man you have!

    Ive got more pics to send you too!

    xo em

  2. There are few things better than dishes made with the veggies from your very own veggie garden! x

  3. How cute are those carrots ... and how ace is your husband. A man that cooks deserts like that wins my heart everytime.

  4. *cheers* to sweet husbands who cook! the ratio or fruit to crumble (or crisp:) is so important! :) Glad you had such a great time enjoying the lovely goods from your garden :)

    and thank you so much for your well wishes of us getting better! We all feel one million times better :)

  5. Stop it will you. You're making me hungry already! xx