Sitting on the sofa, knit knit knitting away at the baby’s first blanket, wearing new PJ bottoms from the ever reliable M&S. One pair of my slouchy pants had become not so slouchy round the belly so purchasing some new ones was a must. And can I just say how I’m loving buying clothes in a bigger size and not having a freak out about it. Instead, I’m totally embracing it. So my belly needs more room, who cares? B certainly doesn’t. His current favourite pastime? Listening in to see if he can hear what’s happening in this ever expanding tummy of mine and whispering a cheeky hello. We’re hoping for signs of a response sometime soon.

These are some of the bits I've made for bub over the last few weeks. I'd quite like some of the orange boots in my size actually...

ps. Check out the Happy Circus giveaway on Em's fab blog The Beetle Shack for your chance to win some knitted treats of your own.


  1. I love those orange booties- they are perfect!

    xo em

  2. How exciting to be able to talk to your tummy and know that one day soon you will get that movement. I loved that feeling ... our kids loved to dance in my tummy (well thats what it felt like!!)

  3. your such a mama already. i missed out on the treats...i have been tuned out of blogland lately. have a lovely weekend nell. x.

  4. How exciting it'll be when you'll first feel your baby dance in your belly. That was when I really realised this whole beanie growing inside my belly thing was true! On another note, my little package from Bath arrived in the mail yesterday (yahoo!). The bow and garland are gorgeous Nell! Thanks again so much. You are such a clever knitter. Love what you are preparing for your bubba. Bon weekend my lovely xx
    ps: a little post for u on my blog. Check it out!