When we moved into our new flat, B went exploring in the basement almost straight away. Because, for some reason, that's what boys do. Right? Luckily the boy did good and found two awesome old deckchair frames that were exactly what this Mr and Mrs were on the hunt for. After scouring eBay (always dangerous) I found some classic stripey canvas for about five quid a chair.

So today we spent the only sunshine of the week outside varnishing them and decking (geddit) them out in their new fabric.

High fives B for a darn marvellous revamp. Low fives me for a really terrible pun.

ps. Almost forgot. Happy Fathers Day Papa. Love you lots and see you soon xx


  1. High five indeed! Awesome find. Lou x

  2. Fab find! We have a seat on our porch that we have beers on in the summer and cups of tea in the winter sun. The best! xx

  3. Ah there you go again. Oooozing talent you are Nell. Now all you need is some sunshine. And when you get it, can you send some of it our way. June has been a big disappointment. Can we have May back please? xxx

  4. How clever are you guys!! And I bet they are super comfy - just perfect!

  5. Wow, you two are handy! Those chairs look great!! Nice work!