The Easter holidays have been filled with more than just packing, although we are slowly getting through the boxes. Family walks, bowling and shopping expeditions plus our first BBQ to christen the garden have made this break from work awesome. So here's a heap of photos from the last few days.

Tomorrow the fun continues, let's just hope the sunny weather does too. Yep, you guessed it. I'm talking about the Royal Wedding celebrations. The world's gone Kate and Wills bonkers and it seems a shame to fight it. So, along with thousands of other people all celebrating the day off work as much as the wedding, we're heading into town for Picnic in the Park where there will be a big screen, face painting, music and food. Hell, we may even get really patriotic and wear red, white and blue. Maybe even a tiara. Going to far? B's not quite as excited about seeing what Kate will wear (that would be weird) but he does love a good picnic, so he's more than happy about it.

Oh, and my sister and I made some hilarious cupcakes too. Photographic evidence to come...

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  1. What a lovely way to spend the easter break. I am embracing the royal nuptials as well, a little wine, a little cheese and my couch. Enjoy the picnic!