We’re currently up to our eyeballs in packing and boxes and more packing. There’s another bag by the front door waiting to head to the charity shop and I’m with Kristi. We won’t have much more to pack if I keep up this rate of sorting. But, we’re getting there. Good job really as we pick up the keys to our new flat in two days.

All this moving malarkey means that computer time has been rather limited of late, and any time I do find at the keyboard is currently spent looking at inspirational images for our new flat. Blimey O’Riley, I could spend hours doing this. Heading from one blog to another to another, each bursting with yet more ideas for what we can do with our new space. Or I’m getting distracted looking through interior books while I’m meant to be packing them away.

My current obsession? Picture walls. I can’t wait to design one to go over the 1960s sideboard we managed to score.

Our new flat already feels like home. This time next week we’ll be there, settling in, and I can’t wait.

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  1. Gosh, I thought that first picture was your new place and I was nearly overcome with jealousy! That is pretty much my ideal decorating style. We have a picture wall in our loungeroom, but it is a bit more spaced out than these. Good luck with the moving caper! x

  2. oh man...blogs can sometimes be the bane of finding a happy place in decorating...i hope that you find your interior-zen-ish-ness soon!

  3. I love a picture wall too! I have one that is slowly, slowly coming along at my place (ie a bunch of unhung pictures which have, for months, been leaning against the wall on the floor.). We can have a picture-wall-off. Kellie xx

  4. our picture wall was my favourite think in our old apartment - they are so much fun to put together!x

  5. I've never had a picture wall...This post has inspired me to change that! :)

  6. Packing.. YUCK!
    I will be hard at it in 3-4 weeks... We move 13th May.
    You must be so excited to get into your new home!
    How exciting!!!

  7. we pulled out of our move, but i'm still on the clearing out binge. hope the move goes well. xx.

  8. Hey you! I have some mags sitting here waiting to be sent to a certain someone...

    Have you moved yet? I can't wait to see some pics of the new pad. I'm sure it'll be pretty spectacular.


    Ps New address please?

  9. hope the move is done and dusted and you're settlong in to your new place! Can't wait to see some pics!