Yesterday was a randomly fun day for a Thursday. At lunchtime I met up with my luscious grandparents, who were visiting from Cornwall, for a cuppa. There's was such a big group of us that we wouldn't fit inside the cafe. Lots of laughs for a lunch break.

Then after work my sister and I took Tyler to the cinema. He went for the first time a few weeks ago for his little friend's birthday and loved it. We watched Rango, which rocked. Go see it. Lots of funny jokes for the kiddos (who knew a chicken dressed in a waistcoat farting would be so hilarious) and plenty for the adults too. Ty munched his way through a bag of popcorn and then a burger and thought it was pretty awesome that he got home so late. Well, 8pm. Dirty stop-out.

The joys of being an auntie. Burgers, check. Sweets, check. Plenty of hugs, kisses and generally being thought of as a downright cool grown-up, check.


  1. That is so cute! I remember my first trip to the movies. Very exciting!

  2. You sound like a fun Auntie. Ah the world of first-times. Our little guy recently had his first swing ride and giggled his pants off! Now we go to the swing in the park regularly for guaranteed smiles.

  3. Burgers, sweets and a film? What more could anyone ask for? I think I will take myself out for all of those things when it's cheap night at the cinema this week....

  4. ~oooh,is that pic 'n' mix?