Things to smile about this week:

1. These lovely, old-fashioned Christmas tree decorations that I bought in the most awesome sweet shop ever. My family all come to our house on Christmas morning and our nephews will love having a Christmas tree treasure hunt with these little ones.

2. The snow. It’s completely freezing here this week and we woke up this morning to a little blizzard and a white covering over everything.

3. Finishing my Christmas shopping. That’s right people. I’m always pretty organised but I’ve never completed it all before December. And with three exceptions I’ve stuck to my vow to either buy from charity shops or local independent stores or to make presents myself. I think it’s the way forward and I’ll definitely be sticking to this next year.

4. Seeing my nephew Ty in town when I was walking home at lunchtime yesterday. He had just been on his first school trip to the theatre and was walking along, hand in hand with his little buddie, with all his school mates and teachers. I chatted to him as they walked and when I said goodbye Ty and all his friends waved and shouted bye very loudly. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

5. 4 weeks today it’s Christmas Day. It’ll be the start of our 11 day holiday from work, Father Christmas will have delivered lots of lovely presents and the house will be packed with the yummiest of food. Heaven.


  1. Love, love, love Christmas and how everyone is getting into the spirit on their blogs! I love those chocolates too, so fun to unwrap and eat! Have fun in the snow - good on you for getting your Xmas shopping done early!

  2. such a lovely blog you have :) so please i found it




  3. How I would love to have a white Christmas........

  4. cold and white just in time for december...love it. i am having a hard time with this whole christmas in the summer thing.

  5. How cute to bump into your nephew! You probably made him feel so cool in front of his mates!

  6. I'm not a huge fan of the snow (beautiful, but just too cold), though I would love to experience just one white Christmas in my lifetime. I cannot believe you are done Christmas shopping already! You've put my usual 'leave it til two days before Christmas Day to start shopping' routine to shame :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  7. snow! you'll have to post a few pictures so we can see what winter is really supposed to look like. 4 weeks and counting - i love this time of year!

  8. I am envious of you having finished your Christmas shopping - I have got everything for the kids, its the adults I am struggling with - too hard!! And I am in love with your decorations .... super dooper cute!!

  9. I am jealous you get an 11 day holdiay from work over Christmas!! how fun!! I can't wait for the "can't wait" part of the season just as much as for the actual day!!! eeeeeee!!! here's to a month of hot chocolate and lights and gifts and cosy and skating and champangue!!

    xxx ooo
    ps. happy monday.

  10. snow on christmas would be so strange and awesome! it never ever snows where i live in Australia. i want to have a white christmas one day, for sure. lucky!
    lovess, x