Wow, it’s been a week since my last post! Whoops! Time is going crazy quick at the moment and last week was a very busy one for us at work, giving us only enough energy in the evenings to eat, laze on the sofa and sleep.

The weekend was cool though, kicking off with a surprise trip out for food - a real treat at the moment, so thank you B! Saturday was spent catching up on much needed sleep (we’d nearly forgotten what a lie-in was!) before an awesome, very late night out on the town. Then Sunday was spent eating BBQ thanks to my genius Papa before a round of Boules in the sunshine. Pretty sweet weekend really.

I also finally got round to chucking my Chucks into the washing machine for a much needed wash. I was pretty chuffed with how clean they came out and it’s helped me resist buying another pair (we’re pretty Converse obsessed in our house!) I am still desperate for my yellow high tops though...

I also gave B’s hand decorated Converse a bit of a dusting. I got my sis to decorate these awesome trainers as an anniversary present for B so he rarely wears them in case they get wrecked. I figured they were cool enough to deserve a picture.

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