I’ve done something crazy and bought our first Christmas presents. I know, I know. It’s only August. But B and I have decided that this year Christmas has to be different to ensure it fits in with our saving and trying not to spend too much money, and that means being more organised.

I read on someone’s blog a few months ago about having a handmade Christmas (I can’t remember who’s though, so let me know if you do and I’ll add the link!) and I really like this idea. B always makes chutneys and jams that we bundle up in hampers for yummy presents, but this year we’re going one step further and I’m adding some knitted goods to the mix. And anything we do buy we’re going get from charity shops where possible. Unless we find super duper bargains.

So this weekend I found our two beautiful nephews some awesome presents that will perfectly accompany the knitted hats and scarves I have planned. Some Thomas the Tank Engine booties for the winter for Coby (an aforementioned super duper bargain - £2.50 in the sale!) and some wicked dinosaurs for Tyler. He’s loving the dino’s right now and these crazy creatures were 50p each in a charity shop! And I got something for my sister…but that has to be kept secret!

So three presents down. Better get knitting now I suppose…

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  1. i think this is a great idea...while hubby and i were traveling on our honeymoon, we bought all of our families christmas presents!